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The KOLS team has many years of versatile experience in the field of real estate transactions. We advise our clients on sales, purchase, and financing of the sale and purchase of real estate, as well as rental of commercial and office space. Our services include, among others, negotiating and determining the content of preliminary agreements (term-sheets, letters of intent, heads of terms) regarding the purchase of all types of real estate through direct or indirect acquisition (e.g. acquisition of shares in companies or related to concluding rental agreements and leases).

We conduct pre-transactional due diligence of purchased undeveloped or developed real estate, or companies having a legal title to real estate. Each time, we agree on the scope of review and the degree of its detail with the client, adjusting the process to the client’s needs and the scale of the transaction.

As a result, we identify legal risks associated with the transaction and other legal issues that are relevant to the course of the transaction or the price / value of the property. We also recommend ways to minimize risks.

After analyzing the results of the due diligence and considering the client’s needs, we create the structure and plan of the transaction. In case the financing of the transaction depends on the structure and results of the due diligence, we support our clients in the field of obtaining financing, in particular by participating in negotiations with financial institutions and funds dealing with real estate leasing.

We advise on the acquisition of real estate by entering into preliminary and conditional agreements and transferring a legal title to real estate or to shares in companies that own real estate or have the right of perpetual usufruct to a property.

The scope of our services also includes preparation and participation in negotiations of rental or lease agreements, both on the part of proprietors and tenants of commercial space and office buildings.



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