KOLS offers comprehensive legal services in the field of mergers and acquisitions, both on the selling and the buying side. We provide:

  • pre-transaction support, in which we conduct due diligence of the target (the scope of review and the level of its detail are agreed with the Client and adjusted to the Client’s needs and the scale of the transaction);
  • identification of legal risks associated with the transaction and other legal issues related to it; preparing recommendation on ways to minimize those risks;
  • advisory on a transaction structure and plan;
  • provide support in the field of obtaining financing for transactions, particularly by participating in negotiations with financial institutions;
  • creating, reviewing and negotiating transaction documents, e.g. a letters of intent, shareholders agreements, share / stock / asset sales agreements, resolutions of company bodies participating in the process etc.;
  • assistance in obtaining administrative decisions from public authorities, if the implementation of the transaction requires such activities;
  • support in post-closing activities, preparing drafts of necessary documents and filings, and representing Clients before the adequate authorities.

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