The KOLS team is composed of lawyers with rich experience in conducting criminal cases and internal investigation procedures.

Responding to the recent tendency to seek trade protection by criminal proceedings KOLS law firm has established a dedicated team consisting of lawyers the practice of whom is focused on criminal cases and other repressive proceedings. Sometimes, the best protection of the interests of a business Client can be ensured only by criminal proceedings.

The criminal and commercial law practice covers also counselling in crisis situations aimed at eliminating or limiting the consequences or the risk of the institution of criminal proceedings against a Client being a business entity. We support our Clients in detecting irregularities, as well as in conducting internal investigation procedures if they suspect or are notified that irregularities have occurred. The above concerns in particular the risk of business corruption or bribery of officials, frauds, bid rigging and responsibility for the breach of the provisions of the capital market law.

Irrespective of their experience in representing business entities in criminal cases, the members of the criminal and commercial law team are competent in providing legal advice to natural persons – suspects or defendants – against whom proceedings on the so-called white collar crimes or fiscal crimes are pending.

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