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The highly experienced team of lawyers at KOLS Law Offices also specialise in the broadly matter of aviation compensation. We will help you in obtaining compensation in the following cases:

  • a delayed flight,
  • a cancelled flight,
  • refusal to board plane,
  • delayed, damaged or lost luggage.

We have represented our clients in proceedings before the Civil Aviation Office – the Commission on Passengers’ Rights as well as before common courts. We approach each case individually and conduct it from the very beginning until the moment when our client receives compensation. We guarantee a reliable combination of knowledge of both the law and the rules and regulations governing the aviation market, which we gained in the course of many years of professional practice.

Thus far, we have successfully obtained compensation for delayed or cancelled flights on European routes and from non-European airlines for hundreds of clients from all over Poland.

Our work is characterised by professionalism and commitment to our clients’ affairs, which is why before we take a case, we conduct a free-of-charge analysis whether a given flight qualifies for compensation. Our remuneration will therefore depend on the amount to be paid by an airline.

In cases of flights from or within the territory of the European Union, passenger compensation takes a fixed value depending on the route length and ranges from EUR 250 to as much as EUR 600 per each passenger.

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